MoveManagers of Iowa LLC.

Based in Coralville/ Iowa City, Iowa, MoveManagers is a company owned and operate by local residents dedicated to providing caring, professional, moving coordination, Estate dispersal services, and optional real estate listing and selling for clients.

We work with owners, tenants, banks, attorneys, facilities, and of course, Families.

Serving Iowa City, Coralville, University Heights, North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, Lone Tree, Oxford, West Branch, Riverside, Swisher, ALL rural Johnson County, AND other Eastern Iowa areas.


Rex Brandstatter Owner, CEO

About Us

Life can change. Lifestyles, health, and circumstances CAN change, DO change, WILL change, and HAVE changed. How do we cope?

In all of the above cases, the need to adapt to ‘change’ and the responsibility to handle the change must happen. Simply put, Life must to go on.

People need to move to a smaller home, condo, or an apartment, move in with family, friends, a facility, or make other lifestyle arrangements. People also pass away. Estates are created and wills are implemented. All of these events cause ‘change’.

Who can help? Who would you call to help with the moving, downsizing, sorting, packing, eliminating, donating items, selling items, & organizing the entire ‘operation’? What do you do with furniture, clothing, belongings, the car, the boat, the house, the condo?

MoveManagers is ready to help. We SPECIALIZE in helping when you need to handle “change”. We organize and orchestrate ALL facets of downsizing, moving, dispersing, selling and all other aspects that NEED to happen.

Our trained professional staff will meet with you or the proper representatives of the client to determine the scope of the ‘assistance’ that is needed. We always request to meet with family members if possible. Our job is to help in the manner that is needed. We also meet with Attorneys, Bank Trust Departments, Advisors, and others entrusted to work with, or on behalf of, the client.

Honest, professional, friendly, caring. This best describes the local Staff of MoveManagers. We are owned and operated 5th generation Johnson County residents. Located in Coralville, Iowa, we are ready to help. We are members of NASMM, the National Association of Senior Move Managers. We help ALL ages in addition to seniors.

Common scenarios:

1. Person(s) realizes that the present house/condo is TOO big. In order to move to a smaller home/apartment/facility, this person must deal with a house full of furniture, belongings, photos, ‘junk’, etc. Overwhelming!

2. Family members must take the lead and move ‘Mom” into a facility closer to them. They live out of town. WHO can they call to help with all the details? The furniture, the overstuffed closets, the old clothes, the car, and yes, the house?

3. A person has died. Who can be called to work with the Bank Trust Department or the Attorney for the deceased? Who will oversee the organization and removal of personal items, furniture, and other ‘stuff’, clean out the house, garage etc.? Who can we call to sell the house? What do we do with the car, the boat, the old bikes in the garage, who will secure the house, who shovels the sidewalks, mows the grass? How do we make sure that the antique hutch is sold for a fair price and not just removed from the house? How do we make sure that the house is safe and secured?

4. A homeowner decides to just plain downsize. Get rid of ‘stuff’! Get rid of tons of unused clothes, items in the basement, a garage full of tools, furniture, the pool table, sell the antiques, sell/donate valuable collections, and other ‘stuff’ that has been overtaking the house! Who can you call?

These and other “lifestyle changes” are the work for MoveManagers.

It is time for you to contact MoveManagers. Our Staff will organize the proper ‘Plan of Action” to be taken. Professional, insured, licensed, and staffed by friendly people.